Our idendity

Just after the turn of the century, in 1911, Sabatino Balestra and his wife Giuseppina began their first “Emporium” in Umbria-Italy. Catering to the needs of the local population, The Balestra Family began distributing Bakery products, Olive Oil, Vinegars, and personal hygiene supplies. Their goal was to deliver their customers the fresh products picked up from their fields just prior to arrival to their store. Their Emporium was a success, which was replied for over ninety years.

Farms north view

Our identity today

Elderly Customer

Throughout the years, and our best efforts, we have done all we can to bring to your table, not only the products from our lands, but also from those lands where the weather and soil nurture and bring to life intense aromas and flavors.

We follow with extreme attention, the growth of products procured in other lands, as though they were our own. Through a rigorous selection process, we evaluate and compare multiple elements of each product to choose the right time for both the best quality and safety. For exactly one hundred years, we have been improving this process based on the same ideas that Sabatino and Giuseppina had for over ninety years. This is what we have learned to do and this is who we are today.

Sabatino today, is a large agricultural company with modern production laboratories, and a widespread network throughout Italy. In present day Sabatino is still owned and managed by the third generation after Sabatino & Giuseppina, who have continued to build the solid reputation of their grandfather’s company.

Sabatino is the producer, importer and distributor; from our lands to your home.

At Sabatino, developments and production come together in a carefully controlled environment using the highest technologies and the oldest traditional recipes as taught to us by our grandparents. Constant and accurate quality control, continuously verifies all the processing stages, from the introduction of raw materials to shelf, keeping a balance with nature and traditions.